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Expanded tournament management functionality coming soon.

DDCS is excited to announce that work is also now being done on adding complete tournament maintenance functionality into the website.  The following tasks will be able to be accomplished within the website:

  • Compilation of online and offline entries into squads and divisions
  • Printing scoresheets
  • Inputting scores
  • Generating results data for existing results pages.  

This will give more flexibility on how scores are entered and updated, enabling 'on the fly' results updates every game, pair by pair, as games are completed.   These updates will also include All Events standings where appropriate.

These results will now AUTOMATICALLY update in-page as scores are entered and processed.  Manual page refreshes will NOT be required to get updated results.

Also there is less need to take software to each centre, as any decent PC or mobile device with internet access will be able to be used.

The tournament formats that are being worked on at the moment are as follows:

  • Standard all-events (singles, doubles, 4 person teams) with masters
  • Singles qualifying events with masters
  • Extended singles formats without masters.  

More formats can be added later if there is the demand for it.

Of course all this functionality will only available to restricted users.


2020 Calendar is now out.

DDCS is proud to announce that we have been contracted to produce results for the following tournaments in 2020:

  • Manukau Open
  • Canterbury Open
  • Manukau Senior Cup.

The dates for these events are now available on the 2020 Calendar page, more info will be added as it comes to hand.


New TenpinResults website is now live.

DDCS is proud to announce the redevelopment of the TenpinResults website, as an example of how we can merge data filtering and reporting capabilities with standard CMS functionality.

Please see the demo CMS website we have set up for more details.

The standard information pages (Home, About Us, News etc) are populated through CMS page updating functionality, available within the website to restricted users, whilst the results data in the tournament results pages is updated through either an ODBC data connection from the results compilation programs run on-site, or tournament functionality built ino the website itself.

This can also apply to any other website we develop - simple reporting of data sent by ODBC connection or data input facilities set up within the website.

In addition to bringing in CMS page update functionality into the standard info pages on website, the following features have been added:

  • The ability to produce tournament results in PDF form, for printing out and displaying wherever required.
  • QR Codes at the bottom of these PDF files give those viewing the PDF results a direct link on their mobile devices to the data results on the website.
  • Adding additional info on each tournament (eg news of special achievements) can be done through CMS updates to blurbs on each tournament page.

This website is under development, all feedback is appreciated.  If you have any comments, criticisms or ideas, please fill out this feedback form, or send us an email.

Web development and Results software by DDCS, all rights reserved.