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Open Ladies
13-4Suzanne Howell149lost toAngela Boswell193
211-12Suzanne Howell172beatAmanda Oliver152
35-6Suzanne Howell168beatInk Tay107
413-14Suzanne Howell194beatMegan Fletcher192
57-8Suzanne Howell125lost toChristine Rota201
65-6Tinelle Sullings158lost toSuzanne Howell255
79-10Suzanne Howell157lost toRebecca Clark180
813-14Candice Cassel213beatSuzanne Howell182
93-4Stephanie Wiggins158lost toSuzanne Howell165
107-8Melissa Fisher233beatSuzanne Howell148
1111-12Stephanie Leviette168lost toSuzanne Howell177


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